Planned Parenthood Attack

Robert Lewis Dear is a domestic terrorist because he did an act to danger the life of other humans. The act that he has done may lead to many people to think that it was a domestic terrorist attack. What he did it was that he violated the law by trying to terrify the people that were working in an abortion center. On my opinion it was an act of terrorist plan attack.

The people also believe that it was an act of terrorism and that it should be considered because the plan that he had develop to attack the  Planned Parenthood building for believing that they are selling the body parts of the fetus. The Planned Parenthood were only doing their job and was not able to deserve a violent act by Robert Dear. He is considered a guy who caused a big intimidation to other people with violence by killing a policeman and injuring other people.

Robert Dear is consider a domestic terrorist by the act that he did as that danger many peoples life just by having a misunderstood.


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