Syrian Refuges

Jose Mendoza


Period. A3

Dear Editor of Admitting Syrian refugees is ‘self-destructive act’ 

Well is wrong by stating that if we admit Syrians refuges would be a self-destructive act. First let’s start of by defining what is the Syrian crisis, it all started as an Anti-government demonstrations on March of 2011. But later on the peaceful protests quickly escalated after the government violence started, and rebels began fighting back against the regime. Later by the month July the Free Syrian Army and many civilians took up arms to join the opposition and be able to confront the regime. Also what is happening to the people is that the bombings are destroying crowded cities and the human rights are being violated. And that an important basic necessities are missing such like food and medical care that they are scarce to find for the people that are still in Syria. The people are escaping to their neighboring countries and even going to European countries that were able to allow them in to seek for a better life than die by attacks on their own country. Basically admitting them it would not be a self-destructive act because they a humans that are trying to get out of harsh times that are occurring on their country of Syria.

Getting back to the topic of admitting Syrian refuges would be a self-destructive it is wrong because it would be that all the people from the country admitting them would have xenophobia towards them because it would make the people think that they could do something like the other ones did. What is states that would be wrong to not admit the Syrian refuges it is that the people only judge by what someone did and think all of them would do the same. But as is states “don’t judge a book by its cover” and that is what some people do like Germany stated Muslims to be “unpleasant people.”

After all I think that it wouldn’t be a self-destructive plan because the Syrian refuges are just seeking for a place that they would die as how their country is on bomb. Also it means that all the people wouldn’t do the same thing as how the other ones did. It shows that not everyone are the same perspective it would be that the people have a different point of view.


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